What Casino Had The Biggest Jackpot?

When picturing a casino, the first thing that comes to mind, well aside from the James Bond movies where James kills it in Baccarat, is the sound of the jackpot alarm and cash dropping from the respective slot machine. This is the sole reason gamblers are driven to participate in these games. There are many types of jackpots but today we shall discuss on casino jackpots moreover, the biggest one.

What Casino Had The Biggest Jackpot?

What casino had the biggest Jackpot? Easy, Excalibur; a casino located in the world-renowned destination for gambling Las Vegas. This castle-like gambler’s sanctuary is planted in the Las Vegas strips in Paradise, Nevada, with its medievally influenced architecture, was home to one of the most shocking events in casino history to date.

What casino had the biggest Jackpot? Take a look.

It was business as usual in the busy Excalibur hotel-casino with hotel guests and gamblers going about their business on the 21st of March 2003, when the life of a 25-year-old software engineer took a turn for the better. After taking a leap of faith and placing a bet with $100 dollars on a Megabucks slot machine, this man struck gold by winning a jackpot worth $39.7 million dollars.

The Biggest Online Casino Jackpot.

Just as in 2003, a lucky middle aged man from Finland had his life turn around in the year 2013 on the 20th of January. This man had placed a 25 cents wager only for it to give him a return of $24 million dollars on PAF an online casino site. A reporter gathered from the man that at the time he saw the returns he was completely startled, not knowing whether to cry or to celebrate.

Try Your Luck Today!

Though a large percentage of people go to casinos with more money than they leave with, we have all heard of stories of people who have won some significant currency! If these innocent bypassers can win millions with very little money who’s to say Lady Luck is not on your side? Take a leap today maybe even into the Excalibur and you just might be as surprised as the people who think the machine has malfunctioned when they get their jackpots!