Who Won The Biggest Jackpot?

Jackpot stands for the most significant prize a player could achieve. It is a dream and a goal for everyone who enjoys putting their chances and luck to test. With this element of unpredictable fortune and a little bit of skill, the Jackpot can become a reality, and it has for some people.

Ever wondered who won the biggest Jackpot?

Who Won The Biggest Jackpot?

Jackpot comes in different ranges, and it likely represents an impressive amount of money. So, who are the luckiest winners and who won the biggest Jackpot? The fortunate winner of an astounding $24 million (€17,861,800) was a Finnish man who placed a 25-cent bet on the progressive jackpot slot game Mega Fortune by Net Entertainment. This epic win from 2013 is the highest slot Jackpot ever in an online casino. The second highest success also came from a Progressive jackpot slot, Mega Moolah. Heywood from the UK won a staggering $17.4 million (€13.2 million) in 2015. This win also came from a 25p spin.

What Is A Progressive Jackpot?

The Jackpot represents top prize in most of the casino based platforms as well as many lotteries. Its main characteristic is that it is often tough to win and that is where the option of a Progressive Jackpot comes in handy. It increases the jackpot every time it isn’t won and decreases the disappointment of a player with the hope that the winning outcome can be even higher.

The Bigger The Jackpot The Greater The Challenge

It indeed is an epic story of a person who invested a few bucks and won millions, but even though not everyone experiences such an outcome of their gambling adventures a Jackpot certainly adds an extra spice to gaming. Just by knowing that there is such life-changing possibility motivates people to test their luck and the bigger the Jackpot is, the greater the thrill. There’s an adrenaline high to gaming and the ultimate satisfaction of eventual win – it is a feeling that is unmeasurable.